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Clint/Thor - Straight out of fantasy

TitleStraight out of fantasy

Author: resonae (AO3)

Rating: Explicit (NC-17)

Fandom: Avengers

Word Count: ~3k

Warnings: PWP, bottom!clint

SummaryNot that Clint’s never been with a man before, just Thor’s manhood is so fucking huge, but he doesn’t want to hurt Clint that much. Thor knows when mortals have sex with him, they get an ability to come unlimited amount of times, and he’s gonna use this advantage. So he carefully prepares Clint with his fingers, stretching him properly and making him come again and again. Only when Clint turns into incoherent shivering mess Thor gets down to main event.

Comments: Amazing huge-dick!thor porn.  Very well written!

Stiles/Derek - Laying Groundwork

TitleLaying Groundwork

Author: LunaCanisLupus_22 (AO3)

Rating: Explicit (NC-17)

Fandom: Teen Wolf

Word Count: ~10.9k

Warnings: AU, bottom!stiles

Summary: His expression isn’t much to go by but the entire clubs howling gets louder at his appearance and Stiles literally pops a boner watching the guy’s big hands wrestle with the microphone stand.

Or the one where Scott and Stiles go clubbing and there’s this broody Bouncer out to get Stiles-

Or get into his pants. Thank God it’s the latter.

ohmyunderwear asked: "Hello, sorry if I'm annoying you. I just want to ask you about a Thorki fic that I've read but I couldn't remember the name, even though I've also checked everywhere. The fic is about Loki was trying to escape from Asgard. The Warrior Three and Thor were hunting him. Sif nearly got him, Loki was so afraid, however, Thor got him in the end. They had some smexy scenes while Sif (and Warrior 3) still hunting Loki. It's angst - rough sex one ;__; Could you please help me out?"

Hi there!  I haven’t been reading much Thor/Loki recently, and I don’t recognise the fic you’re talking about.  I’m so sorry I couldn’t be of more help!

If any of my readers recognise it, please let us know.

Clint/Phil - On The Natural Progression of Rut in the Single Alpha Male

TitleOn The Natural Progression of Rut in the Single Alpha Male

Author: raiining (AO3)

Rating: Explicit (NC-17)

Fandom: Avengers

Word Count: ~7.2k

Warnings: alpha/omega, omega!bottom!clint

Summary: Phil’s not-so-secret crush is reaching inappropriate levels. Clint is a gorgeous, smart, funny omega who could crook his littlest finger and have every alpha on base dancing to his tune. Probably half the omegas and a good third of the betas, too. Clint’s never participated in dominance games before, but he’s the unacknowledged leader of the unofficial pack.

And Phil is… Phil. He’s Nick Fury’s sidekick, the quiet alpha in a suit. He’s good at his job, competent, dedicated… but he isn’t flashy. He’s average. Ordinary.

Clint’s not.

Comments: Fantastic fic.  Beautifully written with some great dominance fighting and a mating chase.

Chuck/Raleigh - pick up my pieces (and glue me back together)

Titlepick up my pieces (and glue me back together) (with one happy sequel)

Author: resonae (AO3)

Rating: Explicit (NC-17)

Fandom: Pacific Rim

Word Count: ~8k

Side Pairings: Scott Hansen/Chuck (graphic non-con)

Warnings: graphic rape and abuse of a minor (NOT Chuck/Raleigh)

SummaryNot many people know the real reason Scott Hansen was dismissed from the PPDC. Only a few know that he raped his 14-year-old nephew for 6 months. The story of Chuck’s fall through the abuse, Herc’s struggle to put his son back together, and Raleigh’s fight to heal the scars.

Comments: Sooooo this is definitely not a happy fic, but I want to rec it because it’s very well written and the Chuck/Raleigh relationship development is so sweet.  The sequel has happier stuff, but this series is definitely not for the faint of heart.  Please mind the warnings and tags.

Stiles/Derek - Say It With Me (Don’t Assume)

TitleSay It With Me (Don’t Assume)

Author: KuriKuri (AO3)

Rating: Explicit (NC-17)

Fandom: Teen Wolf

Word Count: ~11.6k

Warnings: alpha/omega, cop!AU, omega!bottom!stiles

Summary: Derek knows way too much about how omega heat suppressants work now, after having been partnered with Stiles for as long as he has. They’re probably his favorite thing to bitch about whenever they’re stuck on a stakeout. Of course, omegas on the force aren’t required to take them. Derek’s never really understood why Stiles does, if he hates them so much, especially –

– especially because he’s bonded.

Comments: Obliviousness!  Pining!  Porn!

Clint/Phil - Of Dominants and Submissives

TitleOf Dominants and Submissives

Author: raiining (AO3)

Rating: M

Fandom: Avengers

Word Count: ~7.5k

Side Pairings: Natasha/Fury

Warnings: Dom/sub regency AU, sub!clint

Summary: Clint Barton is a single sub from the country who is unused to the attention of wealthy and well-to-do dominants. Indeed, he is quite uncomfortable with the necessity that is a season in London, but Natasha is his guardian now and therefore what she says goes.

And, apparently, she says he has to mingle.


Comments: Great fic, very well written.  I love reading courting fics!

Anonymous asked: "Hi! The link for the cherik fic you recced isn't a link at all. I'm just telling you so you can fix it!"

All fixed, sorry guys.  Thanks for letting me know!

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Stiles/Derek - Open With a Gambit or be Rogue

TitleOpen With a Gambit or be Rogue

Author: Kayevelyn (AO3)

Rating: PG

Fandom: Teen Wolf/XMFC

Word Count: ~5.2k

Side Pairings: Scott/Isaac, Danny/Jackson, Erica/Boyd

Warnings: X-Men AU

SummaryHe establishes the school because he needs something safe. (The one where Peter runs a mutant school)


(870): So I just tried to wake him up with a blow job and he literally touched the top of my head and said snooze button

for lycaonthropic, because she deserves the world. but i can only give her a dumb fic. happy belated birthday, beautiful.

"Would you ever turn down a morning blowjob?" Stiles asks Scott, before he’s even halfway through the door. It’s just after noon, and Stiles has been sitting in the same spot on the couch pondering this question in between bites of leftover egg rolls and vegetable lo mein. He misses the way Scott trips over the threshold, and it’s only werewolf reflexes that keeps him from toppling face-first into the floor.

Honestly, Stiles is still reeling in shock from Derek’s casual rejection this morning that he really doesn’t notice. Or care. To be fair, it wasn’t so much a rejection as it was a raincheck. But still. Who would postpone a blowjob?

He feels the couch settle underneath Scott’s weight, and he makes a face. “Well?” he turns to face Scott, who has a look on his face like he thinks Stiles is crazy. Stiles is more than familiar with this specific look.

"No," Scott decides. "I suppose not. Why?"

"I just tried to wake Derek up with a blowjob, and he literally tapped the top of my head and said ‘snooze button’. Snooze button,” he emphasized, waving his hands in the air, when a horrible thought struck him. “Oh god, what if I’m bad at blowjobs!” he wails, and Scott looks so far out of his depth, it would be funny if Stiles hadn’t just realized his blowjobs sucked.

"I’m sure they’re fine, Stiles," Scott tries, and Stiles buries his head in his hands.

"How would you know?" he demands, his gaze dropping to his hands. Scott winces, and makes an uncomfortable noise.

"I’m just assuming?"

"That doesn’t make me feel any better!" Stiles whines, shoving at Scott’s shoulder, which isn’t fair. Scott’s trying, at least. "I’m sorry, it’s just…" he trails off, suddenly shy.

"Hey man, you know you can tell me anything," Scott tells him earnestly, holding Stiles’ gaze bravely. "Even if it’s about… y’know," he motions towards Stiles and makes an obscene gesture with his hands. Stiles makes a face. "Exactly," Scott says, looking relieved. "Even if it’s about that."

"It was just weird, I mean what if he regrets being with me or something, because I’m weird and now we found out that I suck at blowjobs," Stiles’ tone is light, but he can’t fool Scott. The uncertainty is clear on his face.

"You don’t suck at blowjobs!" Scott vehemently claims, and Stiles can’t resist. It’s not in his nature to be serious about things anyway.

"I thought you were supposed to suck?" he teases, and Scott goes red.

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The other patrons know better than to approach him.

Erik Lehnsherr isn’t known for his patience, least of all during business - and he certainly looks like he’s here for business tonight, standing by the bar and nursing a drink, dressed impeccably in his perfectly tailored suit, his disarmingly handsome face icily expressionless. Even the barkeep is wary, keeping one eye on Lehnsherr’s drink but otherwise making no move to attempt smalltalk even though Lehnsherr is a regular and has been for the past ten years.

Every time the door opens, all gazes in the room flicker between the newcomer and Lehnsherr, watching and waiting. Is this the man who dared make Lehnsherr wait? Is this the woman who’s left Lehnsherr hanging for almost an hour now?

Each time, Lehnsherr doesn’t even look up and a silent collective sigh of relief can almost be felt throughout the room. They all know it’s without hope, however. Sooner or later Lehnsherr’s mysterious partner will arrive, and no doubt they’ll all be wanting cover.

Lehnsherr checks his watch. Adjusts his cufflinks. Sips his drink. All casual, easy motions, performed with no hurry or change in expression. They do nothing to dispel the notion of underlying impatience, and what has to be underlying fury that the gestures must be hiding.

And then he looks up, straightening.

All eyes fly back to the door. It opens a second later, admitting a windswept and devilishly handsome man who strides in with a bounce in his step, as if unaware of the death sentence he’s stamped on his own forehead. His eyes light on Lehnsherr at once, who still looms imposingly at the bar, and a smile blooms on his face as he strides over.

Everyone watches while trying to seem like they aren’t. This is it. Lehnsherr will have the poor fool gutted.

"Sorry I’m late," he says, and he isn’t speaking loudly at all but in the anticipatory silence of the room he might as well be shouting. "That last Q and A ended up going a little longer than I expected. I’m glad I stayed, though, she brought up some excellent points on the new reform."

And then, to the muffled sound of several jaws dropping open, Lehnsherr smiles back. “Another quarter hour and I would’ve sent Azazel to find you,” he answers, but the words are warm and teasing, amusement glimmering like hidden gemstones in otherwise barren rock. “Luckily for you, I know your tendency to be…caught up in things.”

"Lucky me," the other man parrots dryly, but then leans up expectantly into Lehnsherr’s personal bubble of space and is granted a kiss; short and chaste, but there’s deeper emotion behind it if the way Lehnsherr’s fingers brush gently along the other man’s wrist means anything at all.

"Dinner’s waiting," Lehnsherr says when they part, and his hand drops next to rest at the small of the other man’s back, ushering him down along the bar and past their captive audience towards the private dining rooms in the back of the restaurant, safe from prying eyes.

Lucky him indeed is the opinion of everyone present once the two have vanished from view, for lucky is the only word to describe the only man in the city who can keep Erik Lehnsherr waiting, earn a smile for finally showing up, and live to tell the tale.

Bucky/Steve - Let’s Be Exposed and Unprotected

TitleLet’s Be Exposed and Unprotected

Author: torakowalski (AO3)

Rating: Explicit (NC-17)

Fandom: Captain America

Word Count: ~4.9k

Warnings: slight Dom/sub, bottom!bucky

SummaryBucky’s pretty sure he should be into getting fucked through the floor while walls explode around him like in that Mr and Mrs Smith movie that Clint loves. But he likes it like this. He likes being on his back with Steve looming above him, big and naked, blocking out the rest of the world.