Slash Fanfic Recs



The bar had been dark, smoky and hot, viciously so. Stiles had been that uninhibited drunk that meant he was tipsy, and willing to throw himself all over the place as he danced with Erica, but not stupid. He’d noticed the guy, noticing him. He’d smirked across the dancefloor at him, bitten his lip until it was raw and red and demanding the guy’s attention, draped his arms over the guy’s shoulders when he’d slunk out onto the floor finally, and pulled Stiles up against him. 

They hadn’t so much danced as ground into one another until Stiles had needed to pause for breath. There’d been big, hot hands tugging up his shirt, clutching at his bare hips, pressing into him with an intensity Stiles is sure will have left bruises. The guy had been rubbing his cheek along Stiles’, making him shiver and arch into him, beard burn be damned it had felt too good to make him stop. 

He’d pulled back, and the guy’s eyes had gone wide, almost panicked, before Stiles had mimed he needed a drink, tugged on his hand and led him through the crowd. 

He twists back to lean against the bar, grins when the guy falls into him, their bodies melting into one another. 

"What are you drinking?"

"Water," the guy shrugs, "Big day tomorrow."

"Aw, me too!"

"So, you’re out drinking?"

"Is that judgement I detect?"

"No," the guy smirks, drifts forward until his mouth is almost brushing with Stiles’, "I’m happy to be a distraction."

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Charles/Erik - Ain’t Born Typical

TitleAin’t Born Typical

Author: introductory (AO3)

Rating: Explicit (NC-17)

Fandom: XMFC

Word Count: ~3.5k

Warnings: intersex!bottom!charles

Summary"We’re no strangers to the freakish," says Charles quietly. "We have lived our lives as outcasts, accidents of nature more fit for the travelling show than a normal life. We have learned to hide who we are—yes, even you, Erik—for the sake of passing undetected."

Erik’s surprised to find out Charles is intersex, but it doesn’t change his feelings for him one bit.

Clint/Phil - Shooting Stuff Is Better With Company

TitleShooting Stuff Is Better With Company

Author: WriteThroughTheNight (AO3)

Rating: PG

Fandom: Avengers/Captain America

Word Count: ~11.6k

Side Pairings: Bucky/Steve

Warnings: alternate reality, angst

Summary: ”Natasha tells him that HYDRA is inside SHIELD (which Clint can hardly believe), and that the Winter Soldier is on the playing field. She says the latter with fear and awe, but Clint smiles, small and real, for the first time since New York.”


Clint and Bucky have been friends for years and it’s to the archer that he runs after the events of DC.

Comments: Great backstory.

Charles/Erik - Amore


Author: the_charm_caster (AO3)

Rating: M

Fandom: XMFC

Word Count: ~5.9k

Warnings: modern AU

SummaryCharles develops a strange mutation, he has wings which no one else can see, and the feathers can make people fall in love with each other. Also, a man with beautiful grey eyes haunts his dreams every night, and Charles…he needs to touch.
Or in which Erik and Charles have the power Michael and James always wanted; a pair or wings and a tail, and the ability to make people fall in love.

Stiles/Derek - Songs Without Words

TitleSongs Without Words

Author: cornmouse (AO3)

Rating: Explicit (NC-17)

Fandom: Teen Wolf

Word Count: ~700

Warnings: crossdressing, genderplay, fantasising

SummaryHe grabs his Quotationary and pulls out the silk négligée he keeps inside of its hollowed out pages. The chemise is fragile and soft, and he feels delicate when he pulls it on.

Charles/Erik - Butter and Honey

TitleButter and Honey (with one sequel)

Author: pearl_o (AO3)

Rating: G

Fandom: XMFC

Word Count: ~1.8k

Warnings: modern AU, kidfic

SummaryIn which relationships are hard work, and Charles is not a wicked stepmother.

Comments: Adorable.

Stiles/Derek - Through The Eye Of A Needle

TitleThrough The Eye Of A Needle

Author: FunkyinFishnet (AO3)

Rating: G

Fandom: Teen Wolf

Word Count: ~3.3k

Warnings: nothing to see here

SummaryStiles likes to knit, it helps him concentrate, especially when he uses needles that he and Deaton have enchanted in a very particular way. Derek hates that Stiles won’t explain why the needles give off such a bad vibe. The Sheriff enjoys Derek’s discomfort a lot.


Dylan O’Brien for Teen Vogue

Stiles doesn’t set out to deceive anyone, but hunger and desperation have a way of smoothing the path. He tells himself he’s keeping the advertisement because it’s amusing, and he has precious little to make him smile now that it’s been eight months since his father left Philadelphia on the trail of an escaped convict, with no letters for the last six months, and money fast running out.

He’s examining the newspaper for job advertisements when he sees it on the facing page: a wry, single line: Bachelor farmer desirous of avoiding own cooking seeks helpmeet, with a name—D. Hale—and a post office box number. Stiles never plans to answer it; he knows full well that an advertisement posted in the Matrimonial News is meant for women, but then—this particular advertisement didn’t specify, did it?

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Draco/Harry - The Wand Chooses the Wizard

TitleThe Wand Chooses the Wizard

Author: Writcraft (AO3)

Rating: Explicit (NC-17)

Fandom: Harry Potter

Word Count: ~7.4k

Warnings: bottom!harry

SummaryAfter leaving Hogwarts, Harry trained to become a wandmaker. Ten years after the war a couple of days before the anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts, he happens upon the wand of an old adversary as he reminisces. He takes a journey to return the wand to its rightful owner.

Comments: Shiiiit, remember when I read Drarry on the regular?

All that reminiscence aside, this is a really lovely fic.

Chuck/Raleigh - Dying to Breathe


TitleDying to Breathe

Author: creepy_crawly (AO3)

Rating: Explicit (NC-17)

Fandom: Pacific Rim

Word Count: ~11k

Side Pairings: numerous background pairings

Warnings: alpha/beta/omega, omega!bottom!chuck

SummaryCharles Andrew Hansen is the single most obnoxious Beta ninety-eight percent of people have ever had to work with, and that’s a fact. He’s also not actually a Beta.

Comments: I really love this fic.  The plot is fantastic,  relationship development’s great as well, and I particularly love the characterisation of some people I don’t often see in Pacific Rim fics (Aleksis Kaidonovsky is an omega who cuddles Chuck a lot, which is absolutely adorable).  A great read!

Stiles/Derek - Space That You Now Hold

TitleSpace That You Now Hold

Author: GotTheSilver (AO3)

Rating: M

Fandom: Teen Wolf

Word Count: ~5.5k

Warnings: Derek’s wolfy instincts, angst and adorableness

Summary“Oh my God,” Stiles mumbles. “What the hell am I meant to do with this?”

“Stiles, hush.” Allison elbows him. “Derek brought it for you.”

Allison understands, she can tell what he’s doing. The wolf whines, doesn’t know why Stiles isn’t getting it. He should be getting it. Letting go of the buck, Derek steps forward and rests a hand on Stiles’ thigh.

Clint/Thor - Straight out of fantasy

TitleStraight out of fantasy

Author: resonae (AO3)

Rating: Explicit (NC-17)

Fandom: Avengers

Word Count: ~3k

Warnings: PWP, bottom!clint

SummaryNot that Clint’s never been with a man before, just Thor’s manhood is so fucking huge, but he doesn’t want to hurt Clint that much. Thor knows when mortals have sex with him, they get an ability to come unlimited amount of times, and he’s gonna use this advantage. So he carefully prepares Clint with his fingers, stretching him properly and making him come again and again. Only when Clint turns into incoherent shivering mess Thor gets down to main event.

Comments: Amazing huge-dick!thor porn.  Very well written!