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Stiles/Derek - Binomial Coefficients


TitleBinomial Coefficients

Author: DevilDoll (AO3)

Rating: PG

Fandom: Teen Wolf

Word Count: ~20.7k

Warnings: high school AU

SummaryIn which brainy freshman Stiles Stilinski wants star quarterback Derek Hale to join the math team, AKA math nerds in love.

Comments: This fic is absolutely fantastic, it’s the nerd/jock pairing without an overload of the angstiness.  Beautifully written, the plot is great and the relationship development, guhhh, I am slain.  Such a great read!

Thor/Loki - Festival


Author: Runie (AO3)

Rating: Explicit (NC-17)

Fandom: Thor

Word Count: ~3k

Warnings: AU, mpreg, intersex!bottom!loki

SummaryEvery seventy-seven years, the Jotun and Æsir’s fertility festival fall upon the same day. In an attempt to bridge the divide between their worlds, Odin and Laufey have come to an agreement to celebrate the festival together. While Thor was just looking for an adventure, Loki was not about to let such an excellent opportunity slip away.

Stiles/Derek - Desperate But Not Serious

TitleDesperate But Not Serious

Author: sfonisba_found (AO3)

Rating: Explicit (NC-17)

Fandom: Teen Wolf

Word Count: ~13.3k

Warnings: porn & college AU, pornstar!stiles, bottom!stiles

SummaryStiles is one of the more memorable students in the undergrad Psych class that Derek is assigned to as a TA, and he’s not sure if that’s a good or a bad thing. But when Derek finds Stiles starring on a certain website, his feelings become much more clear.

Anonymous asked: "Not a question but I just want to let you know that you are one of the 2 people who got me into Sterek (the other one is an anime blog). I was here initially for Thorki and Hiddlesworth but I noticed that there's a ton of Sterek recs so I tried to check it out and now I *know* why. Here's a cheesy Thank you so much for everything! Hope you have a nice day. :D"

Aww thank you!  I’m so glad I could ignite the Sterek light in someone ;)  I know I rec a ridiculous amount of Stereks so I’m happy you are liking them.

James Bond/Q - Bond Girl

TitleBond Girl

Author: somethingnerdythiswaycomes (AO3)

Rating: Explicit (NC-17)

Fandom: Skyfall

Word Count: ~4.6k

Warnings: crossdressing, bottom!q

Summary“Your partner will be at your room shortly,” M said through the earpiece Bond was wearing. Bond still had no idea which beautiful woman would be joining him for the mission, and M’s message wasn’t exactly enlightening.
A knock came on the door; Bond looked over at it. He stalked over with his gun out, just in case. The door swung open with a quick pull to reveal Q’s forever bored expression, and he really should have guessed. The high-collared black dress with a slit from the hem to mid-thigh, however, was not anything he would have expected.

Sterek Fest - Ficlet #6


human AU, misunderstanding, customer service, jewellery shop


"Awww this one is a cutie. He’s all yours."

Derek glanced at the guy who just walked into their shop. He had to agree with Erica, this one was definitely a cutie. And of course it was Derek’s luck that he was browsing through engagement rings.

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Charles/Erik - Order Up

TitleOrder Up

Author: ikeracity (AO3)

Rating: G

Fandom: XMFC

Word Count: ~4.3k

Warnings: modern AU

Summary: Charles has a terrible habit of multitasking, and that is probably why he absentmindedly tells the pizza man that he loves him when hanging up.

Then the pizza man says it back. And Charles is pretty much smitten from there.

Comments: I was smiling uncontrollably after reading this.

Stiles/Derek - an exultation of larks


Titlean exultation of larks

Author: llassah (AO3)

Rating: Explicit (NC-17)

Fandom: Teen Wolf

Word Count: ~25.4k

Warnings: historical alpha/beta/omega AU, knotting, omega!bottom!stiles

SummaryThere are times when he feels as if they could fall into bed together, easy as breathing. If Stiles were not highborn, if he were an omega without connections, Derek would be sorely tempted. As it is, he resists. Derek wants, he yearns, but he resists. Still, the sight of Stiles in his cot is enough to test him, even now that it is familiar. At the end of each lambing season, he sleeps for a week, worn down by months of hard work, of relentless struggle. He doesn’t know how he’ll feel by the time Stiles leaves, how he’ll feel after long days and longer nights spent resisting the insistent tug of Stiles’s scent and the inclinations of his own foolish heart.

All Derek wants is to get through the lambing season with his body and spirit intact. He had thought that the blizzards would be the main danger, not a highborn omega with beautiful eyes and a stubborn streak.

Comments: This fic is beautifully written with a lovely romantic (and a little angsty, yes) plot.  I really liked the characterisation of Derek and Stiles in this one, the relationship development was gorgeous.  Definitely worth reading and re-reading!

James Bond/Q - Plush


Author: beaubete (AO3)

Rating: Explicit (NC-17)

Fandom: Skyfall

Word Count: ~2k

Warnings: PWP, spanking, sub!Q

SummaryThere’s a dossier in his briefcase. He’s rushed down from London, first train out of St. Pancras in the pink-grey hours of the morning, and outside the hotel’s window, Lucerne sparkles in moonlight. Those documents are for later, those files for later. Work, later. For now, he arches his back and feels the lifted arm of the chaise longue cup his hips like an affectionate lover.

Stiles/Derek - The Wolf and the Art Thief

TitleThe Wolf and the Art Thief

Author: Jinko (AO3)

Rating: Explicit (NC-17)

Fandom: Teen Wolf

Word Count: ~6k

Warnings: AU, bottom!stiles

SummaryThe plan was as simple as it could be: distract the mark with long legs and raid the loft.

(Stiles is an art thief who tries to steal from Derek)

Peter/Scott - Youngblood


Author: SushiOwl (AO3)

Rating: Explicit (NC-17)

Fandom: Teen Wolf

Word Count: ~4.6k

Warnings: AU, Peter is not a psychotic creeper serial killer, bottom!scott

SummaryPeter met Scott in a bar.

Comments: I really like this fic; it’s very well written and the porn is awww yeah.  Also Peter’s not a horrible person so that’s nice, and I love me some bottom!scott.



can I get an au where Stiles can use magic, and not just for mountain ash, but actual magic. His magic is close to the Earth, unlike Deaton’s whose magic is closer to animals/humans.

Plants start growing around his house and windows, and he starts a little garden for emergencies and stuff.

just give me Stiles with plants and trees all around him.

Cut for length.

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