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Jared/Jensen - All Your Love And Longing Behind

TitleAll Your Love And Longing Behind

Author: dapixam_q (LJ)

Rating: Explicit (NC-17)

Fandom: Supernatural RPF

Side Pairings: Jensen/OMC (non-graphic)

Warnings: non-actor AU, age difference (17 y/o Jared), Alpha/Beta/Omega dynamics (omegaverse), knotting, infidelity, exhibitionism, daddy kink, mentions of mpreg, alpha(top)!jared, omega(bottom)!jensen

SummaryWhen Jensen, an omega, married Jared’s dad, Jared was still a little kid.  Jensen knows he shouldn’t think of him this way, but at 17, Jared is now a hot young alpha. His husband is spending more and more time at work, and Jared obviously has a crush on him too.

Comments:  The concept of this fic is so kinky, but it’s so good!  Jensen marries Jared’s father and they live together; Jensen is present as Jared grows up.  Even though Jensen’s husband is great, Jensen wants kids of his own and a bigger family and becomes more and more attracted to his stepson Jared.  Jared’s loved him for ages.  Approx 19k words, a whole lot of sex, well written with a happy ending.

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