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Chuck/Herc - Pan-Pacific Dick Company


TitlePan-Pacific Dick Company

Author: Sonora (AO3)

Rating: Explicit (NC-17)

Fandom: Pacific Rim

Word Count: ~8.2k

Side Pairings: Herc/Chuck/Raleigh, past Raleigh/Yancy

Warnings: drift-porn AU, mentions of many kinks, bottom!chuck

SummaryHerc and Chuck Hansen are two of the biggest stars in the Pan-Pacific Dick Company, one of the leading adult entertainment studios in 2024, and produce some of the very best sensory-enhanced porn on the market. Normally, Herc’s not sure whether he need to spank his son or hug him, but when the PPDC threatens to sell their jaeger division to Kaiju Studios, Herc just needs the kid to shut up and fuck Raleigh for the cameras.

Or, the AU where everybody’s in the porn business somehow and Herc makes Chuck give Raleigh a blow job.

Comments: The first time I saw the summary of this fic, I was all no but then I read it and omfg, yes.  It’s very well written and the plot is dramatic and amusing and there is a lot of smut featuring bottom!chuck and possessive!herc.

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